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Hi Fellas

that time to service the car had come again. I usually go to my local dealer to get my service parts and but upon reading through the forums I have come across a website called "fordpartsuk".

Has anyone bought from here befoe and are they all brand genuine ford parts in boc as they are from the local dealership?

also I have a mk2.5 focus 1.6 zetec 2009 so I think this kit will be correct for my focus?


Upon reading the contents it includes:

Kit Includes:
.Oil Filter
.Air Filter
.Air Filter Pad
.Pollen Filter
.Spark Plugs

.Sump Plug & Washer

all of the above I would usually get for my service except the sump washer and plug but if its included I guess it wont hurt to use it. The only other thing that caught my eye in the contents was the "AIR FILTER PAD"

does any one know what this "AIR FILTER PAD" is? I can only think it may the small sponge type pad that fits under the air filter at the bottom of the intake box but not sure as I have never came across this in my local dealer. They usually just supply the usual stuff (plugs, air filter, oil filter, pollen filter ect)


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Yes I have bought from them albeit only gear knobs handbrake handles and the like they were genuine ford in ford boxes. :)

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Yes i get my oil/filter from there, they also supply the Magnatec Professional 5w30 which is 5 litres and the same price as the Ford oil :)


they are just another dealer that sells their stock online.

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Might just be a smell nice pad for cabin filter. Sump washer should always be changed to avoid any chance of leaks and they always seam to come with bolts too

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Thanks guys.

I will price parts UK against my local dealer and see what or if there is much of a difference in £££.

Just looking at James link above and was wondering what the difference is in the Castrol magnatec 5w30 professional A5 and the castral magnatec 5w30 A1. I would usually get the A1 version in this link


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the A1 is fine and it is the same oil used in Ford's branded oil,


the Professional A5 costs the same and it is a higher spec, so why not :D i did notice the car runs abit quieter now too, but not too noticeable

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