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fiesta 09 dash lights


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noticed the other day two of the buttons wasnt lighting up, they are CD and AUX is this norm thing or are they all like it ?

:unsure: I tried mine out last night after reading this thread, and it seems i have the same problem :(

when i turn my lights on.......everything lights up except the "cd" and "aux", do we have to change a bulb or something???

Looks like im back to the dealers :(

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no everything works fine just these two buttons dont light up when the lights are on just wondered if all the 09's are the same, or if two bulbs have blown.

Interestingly the MK 7 dash does not contain any bulbs only LED's.

It is most unlikely that these are faulty as life expectancy is in excess of 10,000 hours.

It is possible to self check the LED's by pressing the trip reset at the same time as switching on the ignition and toggling through.

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Took my car into fords this morning, and the bloke said hes never came across this as of yet, it could be a 5 min job, or a whole new unit may be needed, in which case he said it could be a long process :o

Booked in for the 15th september, just hope its a 5 min job :huh:

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The only light on that section that comes on by default on mine is 'MENU'. As soon as I switch ON the stereo - the other lights (Aux, CD, Radio) light up.


mine works the same as Turbo.....

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