Parking Sensors Without Display

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Well done Alex, you will have a great sense of achievement when it’s done. Do you have a my pics of your camera in-situ and the display? I am toying with the idea of putting one in my Mk7.5 - if we keep it.

Can I ask how much you will have paid in the end and how much a full installation kit would have cost if you bought one from eBay in the first place? I have sensors, cameras and park assist on my Mk5 Mondeo. Like you I have significant long term back problems having broken it on 2 separate occasions so these things are quite handy. I only use the park assist to show off to my mates and to freak other people out who are watching the car do it’s own thing lol

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So the camera was £30 from eBay all-in and fitting was fairly straightforward but a bit time consuming as all trim needed to be stripped front and back drivers-side...

however, the reverse sensors are another matter...I’ve seen kits on eBay for £20 but was worried that as I had holes drilled already for the non-functioning ford sensors, the aftermarket ones may not fit...

so due to pretty shoddy preparation (and misleading info from the dealer (not Ford) about the car (he said the bumper was original to the car which it isn’t) I’ve ended up having to buy

loom, module and buzzer - £80

4 x new sensors - £40

fitting brackets for sensors - £20

its really my sheer stubbornness and the eBay sellers refusal to take the stuff back that’s keeping the project alive...knowing what I know now, several weeks into the project...I’d have gone cheap aftermarket and saved a fortune...but it’s now me vs. the Fiesta ...and I’m determined to finish what I’ve started....

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The silver disc is nothing so do with the parking sensors, that is in actual fact the horn for the factory fit alarm, it’s the module behind that that is the parking sensor module, the sounder for the parking sensors are above and to the left of the module(in my previous picture)

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