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Seat Belt Extensions

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I've just bought a B-Max and find that the front seatbelt is not quite long enough for one of my regular passengers. I asked the local dealer if they could sell me an extension but they don't sell them. They can't supply a replacement longer belt either.

I tried searching the internet but the belt fitted to the B-Max (and current model Fiesta) seems to have a different fastening buckle to the ones readily available. I queried this at Seatbelt Extenders Pro but the one they suggested wasn't the correct dimensions.

Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

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I ended up taking the advice of Seatbelt Extenders Pro and bought the one they suggested (Type S) even though the slot dimensions differ. Surprised to report that it appears to work; clicks in firmly with no 'wiggle'. I'll report back ifI have any problems.

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