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How To Seperate Gear Knob From Gaitor?


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Hey guys,

short question regarding the Gear Knob on a Mk7.5 Fiesta.

I want do upgrade my gear knob from the standard black-gloss/leatherette knob to the aluminium/leather knob.

So I unclipsed the lower frame around the gaitor and screwed off the old gear knob. Now I have the whole knob/gaitor/frame in one piece.

But now comes my problem, to change the gear knob itself I have to remove the knob from the gaitor.



For my understanding I have to rotate the lower plastic ring, so the notch matches the plastic "nose" from the knob.

But what are the next steps to seperate these two parts? If i pull on the gaitor, it doesn't really move a bit, so there has to be a trick. Right? :D

And how do I put it together afterwards?

I hope you understand what I mean. ;)

Thank you in advance and best regards


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When I fitted the illuminated knob to my old MK7 fiesta, I'm pretty sure that this has to be broken/cut to get it off, and you get given a new one to replace it.

Someone else may have found a less destructive way to part them though...

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Wrap the knob in a thick cloth and lock it in a vice.

Use two screwdrivers to lever the collar off.

To refit the collar use the vice again and wang the collar back on with a socket.

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That's a nasty piece of plastic. :D

But thank you vary much all three of you. Gonna try it in the next days with a (or several) screwdrivers. :)

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Alright lads, thanks again. The method with the three screwdrivers worked great to get it off.


New sport leather knob looks ans feels great. And while I was on it, I installed a new set of aluminium pedals.

On Mondy I've a appointment with my repair shop to change the plastic steering wheel to a leather one, wich i got from eBay. :D

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Very good!

Hope you orderd a steering wheel with cruise control buttons. Very easy upgrade if you change your steering wheel anyway.

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