Jerking Problems Now Car Won't Run

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Hi all

I have a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 ztec diseal - 110634 miles

After having the car about 2 months it developed a jerking problem. At first it happend at any duration or speed of my journey - totally random and not all the time. One time I was in natural parked and the rev counter was going up and down (which would be me stuttering if driving). I would say that the problem mainly happend in 2nd but does happen in any gear.

I took it to local garage who told me to try a few things before getting them to look at the car. They advised feeling up at BP (I was using Morrisons at the time) and try the Forte diseal treatment and turbo cleaner.

This didn't really make much difference and I returned to replace the fuel filter - no help

I returned again and they said the car showed no faults and that they couldn't really help.

I took it to another garage that bragged on having the best gear for diagnosing problems. They said that nothing had come up except the cam shaft sensor which they changed and put money on the main problem being the fuel pump. I had both replaced.

After leaving the garage the car was ok, but stuttered a little the days following.

Then less than a week later the problem cleared, I went about a month and 1/2 with the car on top form. (Coincidence?)

Last week the problem returned, I had a feeling as the car just felt a bit sluggish. Each day the stuttering got worse and worse. Last Saturday while leaving the supermarket the car cut out (no acceleration or power steering). I waited for the AA who come out. He plugged the car into his computer and said no faults found. He then started the car which ticked over for 10 seconds before cutting out again. Each time he started it up the engine kicked in, but only ticked over for a second before cutting out.

He checked the throttle stop cap wasn't sticking (was clean) and guessed it was the EGR valve maybe, but said it should have shown a fault.

Any ideas?



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I have the same problem and my mechanic said the same with no faults showing up I would have to wait till it gets worse but it is still running. It's also a 08 but its a 1.8 tdci zetec I feel your pain I wish they could just find the problem and fix it I am worried if it gets worse it would cause more damage. Mine doesn't jerk when I'm doing 100kh/ph but went I got down to 80 it does and all the way up to 80 it would as well.

Hoping you get your problem fixed as all the garages I have tried have said the same no faults found. Sick of handing them 20 quid so they can say they don't know what the problem is. A few weeks ago it was bad I thought it was going to cut out but I countered it by putting my foot firmly on accelerator.

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Try blanking the egr valve with a solid plate from eBay. Lenny on here has a good guide on how to do it. It will cost about £5

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