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Adding Park Assist After Purchase


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I have bought a ford kuga 2014 from a franchise dealer and want to know it I can get the park assist added even though the vehicle has had one other owner already

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Are you talking about the active park assist - parallel parking feature? no, you can't add that later, not without a lot of work.

If you're just wanting the reverse sensors that beep if there is something behind you or in front of you when parking, yes you can add those.

They are available here:


I believe a dealer has to install them as features have to be enabled in the computer.

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Hi you can Reto Fit prity Much anything but you need to have a technical mind set and be reasonably good with electronics and computers.

Ie you would need to purchase the Park assist Module normally this is located at the driver side rear quarter panel you would need to remove this to see it.

I can get the part number from mine, only thing is to check how many Sensors your car has as I beleave that the Park Assist has 2x extra Sensors but these can be fitted if your up to the job.

yes the car need to know that you have park assit fuction but this can be enabled with an ELM Cable that has been altered to write data back to the car and with a free bit of software. you will need to check out the as built data from a car with Park Assist and Also compare it to yours. and make the adjustments. Always remember to create a backup of the car's data before you do anything or you can cause problems and if anything goes wrong your are "Pritty much on your own" to fix it. so there is risk when you play with this,

But it can be done if your game. and PS you will need to consult the ford etis website to get the wiring diagrams to get it all connected up. and you may have to get cabled /connectors from breakers yards ( I have had more luck with USA Breakers) as the Kuga is also sold there as the Escape.


i fitted the 8" Sync2 from the USA before it was even sold in a kuga in the UK.  My Kuga came with Sync 1 without Nav and now it's amazing! so it can all be done if you put your mind to it and 


Hope this isn't too much info.


Kindest Regards




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