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1.0 Fiesta Ecoboost Mountune M R 165 Modifications Thread.


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Is that vinyl wrap over the chrome trim?

Yes mate. After inspiration from the new focus I've decided to create a titanium XS including chrome surround


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Willy you've sown the Titanium 'S' seed in my brain and its sprouting. I was planning on adding vinyl over the window chrome and rear boot lip, but now I'm gonna keep the sides chrome and just do the boot lip.

Post up the link to China mate, need to get a few spare as there thieving barstools up here.

Thanks for the offer

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Nice updates mate, for a final touch are you going to paint the alloys black?

I wish mountune would pull their finger out and crack on with focus 1.0 mods :(

Thanks mate. Not a fan of black wheels tbh. Mountune do need to sort the focus ASAP and also the 100 bhp fiesta.

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Great car Willy!!

Waiting for your updates!

As you, I'm not into the black wheels either. Nor grey ones, they will be "lost" from your body color.. That's what I think anyway.

Could please give more info (which ones you've bought, prices and what you recommend) and maybe some photos from all the upgrades you've done for your lights & fog lights?

What about rear plate lights?

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Help your 1.0 Eco boost get a much Air into the engine as possible!

Transform your 1.0 Eco Boost engine bay, larger diameter pipe-work combined with AS performance induction kit means louder waste-gate chatter, similar to Focus RS Mk2


Willy, you thought of adding this to the MR pipework?

Just found this. Looks interesting ;)



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Same as AS pipe mate, was gonna get that one but loved the chrome pipe. Plus you can specify what colour logo and get 10% off !!!.

Not really over powering with the induction noise unless you got the cone filter, and adds a bit more style to the bay with the cover.

Why Mountune never added this pipe is beyond me, cus it links perfect in the set up.

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I've decided to save 90% and paint the stock pipe. Did some asking around and the general consensus is it doesn't improve profomance but just adds more noise. That's probably why Mountune dosent offer one.

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Pipe arrived today thanks to Lee Baker on Facebook.

Stock crossover pipe but plan to paint it gloss black to match the Samco hoses.


Out of interest I'd like to know what the 2 small connectors are for. Any ideas?


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