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1.0 Fiesta Ecoboost Mountune M R 165 Modifications Thread.


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Pipe arrived today thanks to Lee Baker on Facebook.

Stock crossover pipe but plan to paint it gloss black to match the Samco hoses.


Out of interest I'd like to know what the 2 small connectors are for. Any ideas?


Do they have loom connectors there or are they pipes into the bigger pipe?

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Where you get that Mountune sticker on the crossover pipe from mate?

Love the side wing badges

I got it as a Mountune freebee mate. You can buy them on there site.



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Typical Mountune.........decals out of stock :angry:

Any pics of the wing badges fitted Willy??

Not yet mate, all wrapped up for Christmas day ;)

Next mod


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are they l e d rear lights?

Yes mate. People are divided on the look but I love um. Strait swap with the mk7.5. Only issue is there on backorder

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