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S-max - 3 Child Seats Accross The Back


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I'd be grateful for experienced suggestions please. We have 8-month old twins and a 4 3/4 old. We need to get three child seats across the back (middle), and am keen to hear on a seat mix - 2 x stage 2 and 1 x stage 3 - that works.

Seats or particular interest are:

Cybex Solution Q2

Britax Kidifix Xp

Maxi Cosi Rodifix

Jane Montecarlo R1

Does anyone have one of the above as well as 2 x stage 2's? If so which combination allows for the seatbelt in the middle to be done up with, relative, ease?

V many thanks


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I faced a similar problem a few years ago with a two year old an twins on the way. I carried a child seat to a number of dealers to see where the seat actually fitted. My conclusion is that for me that didn't want to drive a bus, the S-Max was perfect. I haven't seen any real competitor afterwards, but there can of course be a newcomer or in a segment I haven't looked in (SUV). ALL other cars where to narrow inside, regardless of how wide the exterior was.

I have two Britax Highway mounted in the center, right of the back seat and then another Britax Highway in the passenger seat (airbag deactivated), but I can have all three in the back seat. Like this I can also use the third row when needed. Britax Highway is one of the more narrow seats, so no guarantee it works with other models. It should be easier if you have different models, since they probably have maximum widths at different places. Now we have replaced one Britax for a Cybex Solution and that fits perfectly next to the Britaxes in the second row.

I wouldn't recommend a setup that requires a remount, it's not very easy to get it right, and forget to use the middle seat if you have two rear-facing child seats on each side. You can't get pass the mounting straps.

Since the S-Max also have very good leg room, the kids actually have more space than normal.


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