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HELP carb problem

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hi to anyone who can help me sort my single webber carb out on my 1986 dreg xr2,

first off its hard to start in the morning as the auto choke is sticking (i think).

when i get it to normal temprature it runs at about 2000 revs ive had the timing setup and thats perfect, also had the dizzy set too, and now its running at about 1500 revs still high i know but dont know why??

its running rich tried to adjust the mix but it doesnt do anything at all??

then after all that when i turn the car off it is over running for a second or two??

so any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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hi thanks for the advice ive had the timing done so it stopped over running, as for the link does that apply to any carb??

ive tried to adjust the mixture as its running very rich as it was checked on the co2 machine at work but we couldnt change the mixture when messing with the screws, so am a bit stuck as what to do...


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