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Focus Mk3 Head Unit Swap. Is It Easy???


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Hi all

I collect my focus next week, its a zetec s model, so it has the original ford radio built in with the blue screen interface,

Is it easy to swap this out with a mk3 sony head unit, the one from a titanium spec and also replace the screen above it to the colour one.

How hard is it to do, are there any guides how to do this, will i still keep all the functionality like bluetooth etc.

plus do i need any extra cable or is it pretty much straight swap

And whats the cost like and is anyone selling one.


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I believe it works, if you have the basic head unit. the screen from the sony unit works.

but dont hold it to me.

The instrument cluster deffo works as theres no pats in it


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From experiance

The sony unit sounds much better than the standard unit :-) :-)

If your upgrading, maybe you should replace the door Speakers at least with nice sony units :-)

When my car was new i paid 200 pounds for the upgraded head unit + Speakers + sub woofer in boot where spare wheel should live


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Hi ZS1987. Is the car you're getting a mk3? If so find a post on here titled 2014 Focus Zetec S Stereo /display upgrade.

I've just read it and it'll help you a lot.

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The Focus MK3 audio system can be changed without any problems. However you have to absolutely make sure to buy the correct type of audio system.

There are differences between the older audio systems which are based on the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system and the newer radio's which are based on the newer SYNC system. Audio systems (and parts) of these systems are not fully compatible and not interchangeable. Installing an incorrect system will result in loosing functionality.

A complete Sony audio system will cost about 300 pounds.

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