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Looking For Advice On A 1.4 Tdci Remap And Other Basic Mods

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So I have an 11 plate 1.4 diesel and was looking in to some mods to try and improve performance/fuel economy. The issue is though, I don't really have a clue about cars so was hoping for a bit of advice.

Firstly, is there any negative factors with getting a remap done? I considered it before but didn't bother, but I saw a deal on Groupon which made me start thinking about it again. This company are offering a diesel remap and EGR removal for £79. Haven't researched them yet though, which I'd make sure to do before buying anything -

Which brings me to my second point, why do people remove the EGR valve? Surely it serves a purpose, but I tried researching it myself and everywhere I looked, I either saw "Do not do this, it's a bad idea" or "Do this immediately, it's the best idea ever". So my research left me even more confused.

Are there any other basic modifications I could be considering, like better filters for example. I was looking at the j1 induction kit but for £210 I don't know if I'd see enough benefit to consider it money well spent.

Anyway, sorry for such an annoying and basic question. Any advice would be appreciated though.

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