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Is A Focus Hatch Ok To Tow A Bike Trailer


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It's a mk1 diesel and I'll be driving about 250 miles all in, it's a 650 trail bike, the trailer I think is about the same size or length as the car lol. I'm licensed ect I just don't want to attract plod I case it looks to big for the car pulling it.

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I have a big box trailer that was built for some chaps Harley that I tow behind my 1.8 petrol (Mk2.5) without much bother. Never even so much as a sideways glance from plod (it does struggle going up and over the Pennines though lol)

So long as the car doesn't look strained (like your rear wheels rubbing the roof whilst the front looks like a WW2 Searchlight) then you should be fine bud

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I thought anyone could tow up to a certain weight...

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Depends when you passed your test ;) can't remember the date though. Google it :)

Doesn't bother me much since I passed my HGV Class 1 25 odd years ago :)

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I passed moped in 1976 , motorcycle in 1977 & car in 1979 & am licenced for :













The laws on towing trailers dependent on M.A.M. changed in January 2103 i.i.r.c.

Should be safe then as the law isn't due to be changed for another 90 odd years... ;)

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