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New September 2015 Fiesta Powershift Problems

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I have sent the following to the supplying dealer of my September 2015 Fiesta that has Powershift. Ive yet to receive a reply.


At the end of September 2015, I bought a brand new unregistered Fiesta Titanium car from yourselves registration xxxxxxx. I paid extra to have the Powershift transmission.

The car is coming up to having 1900 miles on the clock. Up until 1000 ish miles everything was fine but lately Ive experienced problems that include:

  • Loss of engine power / engine feels flat when pulling away at times.
  • Makes a whining noise after two hours travelling at 70-80 mph on motorways
  • Straight line driving on normal roads the Power shift is fine. Go downhill, slow down and turn right or left or slow down on a hill in traffic however, the Power shift fails to downshift, fights the brakes, the car lurches forwards rather than slows down, gear changes are harsh and jerky and routinely the Power shift gets itself in knots and noticeably jumps from one gear to the next. These are serious safety issues as the car is temporarily out of my control.

I have looked online and see an array of owners report similar experiences with Ford Power shift 2010-2015 model Fiestas and that software upgrades are regularly carried out but rarely fix the problem. I see a multitude of Powershift units have been replaced under warranty but within a short period the same problems appear on the replacement Power shift units.

I have run the car in and drive it as per the manual. I am disappointed that less than two months old its displaying unacceptable and frankly unsafe problems.

I intended keeping the car for 3+ years but frankly things are getting to a point where its unsafe to drive.

Please advise.

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Hi Andrew.

Just Google .....Consumer Rights Act 2015. It gives you all the info you need. If you signed before 1st October 2015, different rules apply, but basically your rights are the same.

I think you will come under The Sale of Goods Act 1979. We bought two expensive chairs with electric adjustment. When they arrived, they were a different type. I sent them an official sounding letter quoting The Sale of Goods Act 1979, requesting the correct chairs, or total re-fund. They dragged their heels until I threatened legal action. The correct chairs duly arrived.

If they can't fix it to your satisfaction, a new car,or refund apply. Just check up on it.

Good luck.


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Just received this from the Ford dealer I bought my new Fiesta Titanium 2015 1.0 Ecoboost with Powershift.

Ive reported jerky gear shifts, lurching forwards, not changing down and generally the Powershift getting itself muddled up especially where hills and turning are concerned. I regularly feel Im not in full control of the car at times and my partner wont drive it full stop as she says the car scares her!


Good afternoon Mr xxxxxxxxxx

Further to my email earlier we are pending communication from Ford to try and get an understanding of the best way forward with your vehicle. We are aware there are some known issues with powershift, however these seem more specific to the 1.6 engine than your 1 litre.

We understand the urgency in getting some resolution to this problem and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

Rest assured we will contact you as soon as we have more information.


Customer Care Manager

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I'd give them a time limit to fix it, and I would inform them ( very nicely ) that under the Sale of Goods Act, you will be requesting a new car or re-fund.

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The dealership phoned just before 5pm to say they want me to take my car to them and leave it with them 48 hours. Courtesy cars are booked up until 30th November so its going in then. Ive looked at the new Consumer Act 2015 but see it only applies to purchases on or thereafter 1st October 2015. I ordered my car late July as a factory order and collected it 28th September 2015 so Ive missed things by a few days. Ive explained I consider the issues a safety concern as I do not feel in full control of the car at times due to it lurching on hills, slowing on hills and worse still on a hill and slowing down whilst turning. Ive explained the Powershift in essence gets muddled and thinks I want to power forwards when infact Im slowing or turning. They said they are keen to resolve matters but until theyve had the car and spoken with Ford they cant say how things will go at this stage. They say theyve not heard of anyone having such a problem before with a 1.0 ecoboost but earlier they said they are aware theres a problem on cars with the 1.6 engine. Lets see how things unfold but Ive made my position clear unless they can fix the car I want it replacing with the £1000+ cheaper manual version.

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You are still covered by the previous Sale of Goods Act 1979. If in doubt, consult your local Trading Standards office. They will put you right .

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We have a late 2014 1.0 Titanium X with Powershift that had done about 3000 miles when we purchased it.

The gear changes were good except at low speeds could be a little rough. Not a problem though.

At the first service they did a software upgrade without my asking and I must say that it is very much smoother throughout all conditions.

You do have a good chance that your troubles will be fixed.

Good luck!

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I'm told my 1.0 ecoboost comes with the latest F version Powershift unit and software so it's either a faulty unit having done less than 2000 miles or I'm to accept the 'characteristics' which in my opinion make the car unsafe are just 'characteristics' and accept it or sell the car loosing at least the 20% vat. Will let you know how things unfold after it goes into the garage on the 30th Nov.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well Hodson Ford in Stafford instead of having it 48 hours to check thoroughly instead simply carried out a diagnostic and said it didnt show any problems. Rather than going for a test drive I was palmed off and when I asked the car be changed Ive been told yes no problem but they want just shy of £5000 to change my 65 plate Powershift Titanium for a 65 plate manual Titanium.

Ive asked Ford Customer relations to get involved. So far all theyve said is can I take it back to Hodson Ford so that they can do the test drive they should have done but chose not to.

I took my car to a nearby different Ford dealership and told them the saga. They said 1.0 ecoboost Titanium's with Powershift are 'rare' and that diagnostics without a test drive is half a job. Ive been told they will happily put my car on their diagnostic machine and test drive it with me there but Ive got to pay a non refundable amount of £70 + vat. Ive emailed Ford asking if they will pay this £70 + vat so that an independent Ford dealership can say yes or no theres a fault or if what Im experiencing is simply an unsafe characteristic. If you Google Powershift problems anyone can see that the problems Im experiencing are worldwide on 2012-2015 Fiestas and Focus car with Powershift.

Lets see what happens next.

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I would suggest, pay the diagnostics fee with the other dealer. Let them sit with you, review the problem, diagnose the problem, and then take that to your other ford dealer. As this is a cost assosciated with the vehicle, you can claim it back from the Ford dealer who doesnt seem to know how to diagnose an issue!

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Ford refused to pay for a second opinion so a friend whose a Ford technician at a different dealership looked at my car and said the diagnostic won't pick up on the majority of issues raised but he did experience most of the issues out on test drive. He said Ford describe the unsafe characteristics, noises and surging etc as owners not understanding Power shift! I was advised everything I've experienced are just characteristics of Power shift rather than them being defects which in my opinion they are as I never experienced these problems on the new demonstrator or my car until it had travelled more than 1000 miles from new.

When I asked Ford customer service centre if the clutch and transmission is covered by a five year Ford warranty I was told cars pre 65 plate with a 1.6 engine are covered by this 5 year free extended warranty but 65 plate 1.0 ecoboosts are NOT included in the free no charge five year warranty scheme.

Ford customer service centre frankly have been no use nor are they particularly helpful.

I've asked the supplying dealer about the extended warranty on my 1.0 ecoboost and all I got was they think my car is too new and because mine is a 1.0 rather than a 1.6 they don't it ever would be covered under the five year free warranty extension.

All in all very disappointed.

Anyone else out there with a 1.0 ecoboost Powershift?


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I have a Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 1.0 Powershift that I got new in April 2015. I have had no problems with mine and find the performance of both the engine and gearbox very good. Going downhill in Drive the box will not downshift on its own but it is easy to make it change down using the button on the gearshift. However if you put it in Sport mode it will change down on its own if you go down a steep hill. Although I find that you do not get much of a retardation effect from engine braking in a 3 cylinder car because there is 25% less friction and for every turn of the crankshaft there is one less compression cycle compared to a 4 cylinder engine.

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