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Idiot Brakes Way Too Soon

The Dark Knight

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I can't believe I have not captured anything on the dashcam since August! It's as if the regular supply of idiots have moved out of the area :lol:

However, I thought I would upload this for my ranting if nothing else! Basically, I wanted to get past the HGV prior to exiting a little further on.

The traffic was braking in the distance but the blue car (Honda I think) could easily have cruised past the HGV, back to the inside lane then eased off gradually. Instead, the berk decided to start braking in the outside lane as I approached! He continued to brake in front of the HGV once I had got past him!!


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they were brake testing you,because they probably thought you were coming up there !Removed! just a tad too quick.

They were braking way before I got anywhere near. You can see their brake lights coming on before I'd even got to the HGV. Then the braking continued in front of the HGV. El Berkio!

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