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Advice For Spirit Blue St


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Hey guys,

Well I'm picking up my Spirit Blue ST3 on Monday and I need some advice on cleaning products for it.

With my ZS I've tended to just use a place that charges £15 for an inside and out job once a month if I get round to it, but this ST is going to be my pride and joy so I want to take a little more care.

What would you guys recommend? I have a snow lance for a Karcher washer so I could do with something for that as my previous stuff I've used was junk and smelled of gone off banana.

It's had some paint treatment that means I don't need to wax the car for 3 years according to my dealer, so I'll have at least 2 days worth of protection on the car naturally. 3 years is a push but 2 days may be a safe bet.

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Good colour choice matey.

The blue looks great when clean but does tend to show the dirt quickly and the wheels well let's not go there.

I use a good quality snow foam followed by a wash with meguires shampoo when it's dried I use a 3 stage polish/wax then gloss enhancer

In between waxes I just use the gloss enhancer

As for which brand you pays your money and all that. Everyone has their own opinion on this I suggest you get well known brands from a detailing website and see what you like

Kieran our resident Detailer, gingerflame, has a website "Yorkshiredetailing.co.uk" have a look at his stuff very competitive prices

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First of all,


Wash equipment;

*3 buckets




*2 lambs wool wash mitts




Inspired automotive snowfoam

Kleen freaks snowfoam

MadCow detailing Mojito foam

ODK Waxes Arctic foam

*foam lance

£20 from Steve Kelly of direct hoses. Best lance you'll find anywhere. The rest are just overpriced rubbish

*drying towel

I like Fireball Korea (not on the website, or currently in the UK)

Or waffle weave available from Halfords with 15% off for FOC Supporters.

*decent shampoo (no wash and wax rubbish). I'd reccomend MadCow Candybath or Inspired automotive Detailers choice. extremely high concentrate.

*wheel cleaners

Reactive - MadCow Slayer

Citrus - Inspired Automotive Wide Stance

*Glass Cleaner/sealant

Kleen freaks Glass cleaner & Sealant


Being a blue car, my new wax may be of interest to you! post-57403-144884379602_thumb.jpg

Its in the final development stages. I hope to launch it mid December!

It's a Carnuaba & Montan blend.


*gloss enhancer

MadCow UV (smells like parmaviolets

*tyre shine/exterior trim restorer

Silicone - Inspired automotive Show Shine

Non silicone, permanent - inspired automotive Devine Shine

*Detailing brushes (NOT FOR PAINTWORK.)


*Fabric Cleaner


*Interior trim

Inspired automotive Devine Shine

Inspired automotive el natural


MadCow anti fog

*Air freshener

Inspired automotive fragrances

Kleen freaks hanging air freshener

Hope you find this helpful.

As Phil kindly pointed out, I have most of these products on my website. www.Yorkshiredetailing.co.uk .

Discount available for FOC Supporters :)


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