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Ford Fusion Central Locking Problem


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I wonder if anyone can help. A friend of mine is on holiday in the Lake District with her 6month old Fusion 1.4 Tdi. It has developed an intermittent central locking fault that is causing her some concern. Whilst driving up there the warning light came on indicating that a passenger door was open. She stopped and checked all the doors but when she tried the central locking she found she could not lock the car either with the remote or with the key. The passenger doors can all be locked from inside the car but the moment she tries to lock the drivers door all the other doors unlock. The fault cleared itself but has since happened on 4 or 5 more occasions. This is obviously making her holiday very stressful as she is never sure whether she will be able to secure the car. She has taken it to a local dealer in Keswick who had the car all day but could not make the fault reappear so has told her that they cannot do anything until the fault occurs when they have the car. Haven't we all heard that one before?? The car is still under warranty but this does not solve the immediate problem. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is there a way of switching the central locking off temporarily so that she can at least lock the doors manually on the key or does anybody have any other ideas. Any suggestions will be most gratefully received and could help to save somebody's holiday. Thanks all.

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it sounds like one of the door switches which operate the alarm and interior light is earthing out makeing the locking controlle module think that one of the doors is not shut, if this is the case the remote locking will not work . the offending switch most likely wants lubricant or adjustment.

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