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I Know This Has Probably Been Asked A Few Times


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But it normal for the mk1 1.8 tdci to quite thirsty for a diesel, if so why is this, I thought being the common rail it was quite a fuel efficient engine, it is smooth and quiet enough. It has just over 100k and regularly serviced ect and in the last 2 months had a fuel filter (Delphi). I have a small split near the top in the rubber pipe from the air box to the turbo but glued it and put duck round till I get the new one (should be here any day). I am noticing the fuel gauge going down (I think) quicker than normal for a small diesel car. Now granted it is mostly stop start driving I do but I am not heavy footed, or is that maybe why, the egr is also blanked off.

No fault codes.

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It's like Chris says, start/stop journeys and short distance will ruin your mpg. Also, at this time of year, with the current weather, you've probably got your air con, wipers, lights etc, which degrades it further.

I've got the same engine as you, and also been doing stop/start with near enough everything on. Yesterday I was doing 29.8mpg with an average speed of 15mph. Compare that to clear motorway runs, where I see 61mpg

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I know stop start kills it but didn't think it would be as bad, as for using a/c it doesn't work and never used it anyway and don't use lights unless at night and that's not that often. I guess it is just the way they are, my style isn't hard not by any means, not the way I see some flying past me.

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