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St170 Wont Start


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Hi folks,

My ST170 (2004) has been in daily use without issues recently.

I discovered a flat battery yesterday, tried to jump start it off my diesel Accord without success so went and bought a new battery.

removed old battery, fitted new battery, now the car will not start.

The fuel pump cannot be heard priming when ignition is on, and although she turns over fine she does not fire.

I have checked the fuel pump fuse (number 12 (15amp) under the bonnet) and the relay - both are fine).

I also checked the safety cut off switch in the foot well kick panel (it was in the down position as it should be).

The car has about 1/4 tank of fuel, and as I said was running fine before the battery was discovered flat. (old battery looked fairly old and when I removed the cover I found one of the cell covers missing - also it was flat after our first really cold night this year.)

Any advice much appreciated. I cant believe the pump has suddenly failed without warning.

Cheers, Rob

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I was thinking that, it seems the only thing that has changed is the battery. I fitted a banner 095 battery, which is what my local mechanic supplied based on the registration given to the local motor factors. - would the wrong type of battery cause the fuel pump to refuse to kick into life? even though she turns over nice and quick and all other electrics seem to work, lighting etc?

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Pull the back seat base out and you will see the pump wiring if you have multimeter or testlinght check if you have power when ign on/priming for few seconds.

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