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Retrofitting A Sat Nav To A 2014/2015 (Facelift) Focus

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On 20/10/2016 at 8:40 AM, Bannko said:

If anyone else is interested in activating the NAVI through the proper way with licence - you can also contact me.

I am able to generate the licence.

Hi mate please can you message me i want to add the nav to my car cheers

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Sorry for knocking on your door as well. :tongue:

Just bought a 2016 Focus Estate, and also fell for the assumption that touchscreen meant navigation. Checked, it's running Sync 2 with software version 3.10, and "Information System" in the upper-right corner. Have an original F5 SD-card from my previous car (which did have satnav, but was totalled by a drunk racing through the street).

Can you please enlighten me via PM as to how to move on from here?

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@Bannko I see you are the man in know and was hoping you could offer some advice.


I purchased a Focus T EcoBoost 2016 (Sync 2) from a dealer in the knowledge the Navigation worked - Low and behold the navigation has not been enabled.

Before I spend hours trying to get my head around how to do this, is it still possible to be done ?

Any advice is much appreciated.


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Hi Guys, I have recently bought a 2014 face lift Focus Titanium with Sync 2. I would really love to add the satnav feature to this car. It has the compass and emergency assist, so I'm guessing I can activate and buy the correct SD map card?

I have previously made small mods to Audi's using VCDS, so have a small understanding of coding, but Fords are a new area to me. Would anybody be able to steer me in the right direction of what hardware and software I need to obtain and also the correct procedure?

Thanks very much.

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I wonder if anyone can please help me.

I'm currently looking for a newer car to replace my oldish Mondeo. It's been a long search including looking at various cars. Today I went to look at a Focus 1.5 Ecoboost Estate and travelled 70 miles only to find out that it doesn't have a sat nav. Silly me presumed that a Titanium with Sync 2 would have that as standard however it doesn't.

I thought I'd get online to see if there are any upgrade options and I stumbled across this and another thread which seems to suggest some hope for adding sat nav.

I'd be very grateful if Bannko or anyone else with instructions could please get in touch to let me know if it is possible and also how. If it is possible then I'll be getting back in touch with the dealer to say I'll have it.

Hope to hear from someone.


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Hi brand new to forum, today  just bought a 2017 Mondeo.

could Bannko be so kind to PM me the details too so I can fix my wife’s 2016 Focus? We were told the vehicle had Satnav but it didn’t, they gave us a Tom Tom but I’d still like to upgrade the Sync2.

terrific stuff Bannko.

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