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Retrofitting A Sat Nav To A 2014/2015 (Facelift) Focus


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1.  Get a 32 gig MicroSDHC card.  Class 10 or faster.  With a full size SD adapter.  

2.  Use the android app 'SD Booster' to read the serial number from the MicroSDHC card.  Save the serial number for later use (See instruction 5)

3.  Format the MicroSDHC card FAT32.  This will get rid of any folders created by Android and ensure the proper format.

4.  Unzip and copy the navcard files to the SD card.  (This can take 4+ hours to copy NA region.  5+ hours for EU).

5.  Unzip and use GenFordKey.exe. Enter your serial number without the 0x at the front. (Not sure if it matters but I was told to enter it specifically in lower case).

6.  Click the first button to generate SdCard.key file in same folder as GenFordKey.exe

7.  Copy SdCard.key to the MicroSDHC card.  Overwrite if file already exists.  Test the SD card in car.

8.  If it doesn't work, try the second button in GenFordKey.exe, likewise the third button if need be.

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Thank you so much for your file and for all given instructions !!!

I'm gonna try it but one question...I have downloaded SD-booster on my Huawei smartphone but this application does not work...something wrong ?! Just for your information, my smartphone is not rooted.

In case I would need a rooted device, is there a solution for a non-rooted device ? Maybe another application to get the serial number of my SD card ?

Thank you !


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Hi @Bannko currently looking at a Kuga 2016 for sale with sync 2 that I had assumed meant SatNav, but it has just the compass and 'information system' in top right of the screen so seems like it doesn't have Nav. The dealership selling it haven't advertised SatNav to be fair and that's what got me wondering if Sync 2 sometimes comes without satnav and found this thread confirming that its a common occurrence it seems.

I wonder do you know if your fix to permanently enable nav would work just the same on the sync 2 on the Kuga as on the Focus? If so would you be so kind to share this with me please by PM. The Kuga is otherwise the spec and price I was looking for so if I can enable the nav after purchase I would be more likely to go ahead with the purchase.

I have read the complete thread and, as not too fussed about turn directions on the binnacle cluster, happy with just nav on main screen, would I be right in saying I'll basically need to buy an elm327 to usb cable, and get use of a windows pc (currently only have a chromebook!) to run forscan to make the changes? Then just buy an F7 or F8 SD card from either Ford or ebay with maps data once done? 

I have included a photo of the sync2 in the Kuga in question and would appreciate your guide if you think it would work on the Kuga. Thanks.

p.s should note it says in the ad its a touchscreen sync 2 in case having touchscreen affects whether it can be done,seem to remember reading somewhere it might?


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So, thanks again to this thread. 

It helped me with creating and updating my Nav SD card when I got my Focus a couple of years ago.  And now, because of this, I have the latest maps whenever I find the latest download, without having to go buy a new card every year or so.  So thanks.

But also, my Father in Law just bought a mk3.5 Focus too.  And because of this thread, I didn't need to ask him to look specifically for one with Nav.  This morning I went through the steps, updated to 3.10 etc. and got it all up and running on his Focus now too.  With the latest F9 maps.  So that is excellent. 

However, I am struggling with this bit.  I didn't bother with my car when I got it, but I would quite like to have the Nav instructions in my cluster now.  I have downloaded FoCCus, opened it up, changed the value, but couldn't see how to write it to the car?  Any advice?

On 10/28/2016 at 12:58 PM, Bannko said:


Hey there John,

you have to download the Focccus software: http://ford.xtlt.ru/FoCCCus/FoCCCus_0.8.6.zip

Run it in your car with ELM calbe and change this value #172 to value as seen on the screenshot:



But you have to have the cluster with the bigger color display:



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