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Loss Of Power


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hello all. I have a 1.8 tddi focus estate. although its now covered 153,000 miles it drives like a dream. recently it has started to loose power. it drives around the city fine but sometimes when on an open road it won't go over 60 mph. I have pulled over and switched the engine off when it has done this and then it seems ok again when started. does anyone know if this electrical ? mechanical ? glow plugs ? injectors ? turbo wearing out ? or ? any help welcomed. thank you

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When was your car last serviced,

Does it use oil

was the air filter changed at the last service if no i would remove it and check to see if its dirty and blocking airflow to the engine

Do you know when your fuel filter was last changed, If you cannot remember or dont have a reciept to say it was changed that is where i would start

1. Air Filter

2. Fuel filter

not on topic but was the timing belt changed at 125,000 miles (or 10 years)

What year is the car and was the timing belt changed


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thanks chaps

cam belt changed at 100k and again at 148k when I had a new water pump fitted due to a broken impeller.

it was serviced last march before its mot but that's not to say I haven't had dirty fuel at some point. service due again in march but I will now take it in earlier and ensure all filters are changed.

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