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Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light


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I have seen in the forums that many versions of the Mk.1 Facelift Focus has all the wiring for footwell lighting, and I think I have managed to locate on of the harnesses behind the glovebox by the fuses.

However, for the life of me I can't find the socket for the driver's side footwell light! I can see the plastic mounting where the bulb socket is meant to fit, but the socket and wiring is nowhere to be found... Is this taped to another wiring loom or piece of the dash/footwell?

Also, if the socket behind the glovebox is the correct one, where does this go? Do I have to lift the foam matting in the bottom and place under there?

Any help is much appreciated!!



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just under the glove box when its out there is a bulb holder for that side.For the drives side just wire

a new bulb holder to the one you have found they should switch off when the interior light goes off

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Okay, so I had a look under the dash on the driver's side panels and found a socket taped in foam to the OBD2 wiring. I positioned it in the holder and put in an LED bulb and it works. Great!!

I put a bulb in the one behind the glovebox, but can't see where the socket is meant to be fitted... I currently have it just tucked out of the carpet, but it looks gash!

Dezwez where did you fit yours?

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there a plastic fitting in the trim just under the glove box take the glove box out then look

it right in front of you took me ages to see it but it will be come aparant when you see the shape of it

best to look up from the floor

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