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Ford Focus 2007 Cigarette Lighter


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I have searched high and low but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I have a Ford Focus Style 2007 Estate TDCi, the front cigarette lighter doesn't work but the one in the boot space does. I have looked in the manual but states the fuse covers the front and rear cigarette lighter but after reading around online people are saying that there are two different fuses.

Is this correct ?

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One fuse for both.

It's either your socket/wiring has blown or the connector has come off the back of the socket.

If you remove the driver side kick panel (torx screw under the round pop out cover) you can access the socket wiring.

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from here on in , you need an electrical tester to check where you have / have not got power as the supply could be intact yet socket not working due to loss of negative earth or some such similar wiring fault.

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The socket circuit is quite robust so you will be ok without pulling the fuse.

Get a 12v tester from any motor factors.

Live terminal is the centre pin and earth is the outer one.

If you get no signal from those terminals then touch the earth side to any metal bracing under the dash.

If you get something from that then it's an earth fault, if nothing still then it's a live fault.

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