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Avalon Colour, But M8 On Vin Plate

joe bloggs

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hi, back again,

Really happy with the new car, but need to sort out 2 or 3 chips on the paint work

Fordetis states Avalon but on the vin plate by the drivers door the code is M8 and i can not find a code or avalon mentioned anywhere

Also can anyone (i am sure the will be many) recommend to get the touchup paint from eBay, Halfords or Ford

many thanks in advance

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Mine is also Avalon, I find that actually the Halfords touch up kit is better than Fords, and I can't see a difference in the colour. The Halfords kit comes with fine tip nibs whereas the ford one comes with a brush which is hard to get right.

If you go for the ford one just give your reg or if you choose Halfords then the colour is ford avalon grey, make sure you get the 3 part set.

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