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Green Cotton Air Filter


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Does anyone know any discount codes to buy a Green Cotton air filter

I bought one a couple of years ago for my old car


Hi Jamie,

See the 10% Discount code for Green Cotton Induction filter from Ross at Pro Racing in the Guide here:




K&N57s induction kit is much better for both fuel economyand performance;

if the kit will fit your model 👍

I recommend purchasing cheapest from Scott at prodigymotorsport.co.uk

link: http://prodigymotorsport.co.uk/catalog/kampn-57s-performance-airbox-ford-focus-iii-20-dsl-all-2010-2015/57s-4000/p-57189.html



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If you only want the filter out of the K&N 57s-4000 kit that Lenny has listed above then its an e-9289 filter. I just bought the filter on its own without the lid that comes in the kit as it can be used with the standard lid. The filter has a removable bung on the end which sounds great. On my car the plastic end of the filter forms the side of the box so with the bung removed its like a semi open induction filter with the added noise.

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Quote taken from the updated Green Cotton Performance Induction filter Guide.

Posting it here to give full options to new readers

My Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter has now reached the end of its life,

Rather than immediately purchase i replacement from Green, i studied the market to see if anything better had been developed.

So to recap in terms of evolution across the past five years,

Started off here: Image2378.jpg

Moved on to Green Cotton Performance:Image2403.jpg

Now moved on to the K&N E-9289 filter.IMG_20150801_110353_zps6xpm820j.jpg

My findings were that K&N have manufactured a kit called the 57s-4000

I've purchased mine from ProdigyMotorSport

Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151572141725 IMG_20150801_085704_zpsssr4yqpb_edit_143IMG_20150801_084944_zpsmwpndd2u.jpgIMG_20150801_085253_zpscorm3so0_edit_143

This kit from K&N consists of a K&N E-9289 cylinder filter same diameter as stock filter but it has more pleates than standard making it larger in terms of induction space within the same area.IMG_20150801_110126_zpsnuppojdq.jpg

The filter also boasts a large side induction section which is a mushroom filter inset to the top of the cylinder drawing in cold air from behind the headlight.IMG_20150801_112122_zpsxd2t7fjw.jpg

Here is a picture taken inside the K&N E-9289 filter you can clearly see the inverted mushroom at the top of the filter.IMG_20150801_110101_zpsgi8irykn.jpg

Compared to the standard performance filter which is just a blank end:Image2392.jpg

And here the stock filter:Image2382.jpg

The side induction filter is in my opinion definitely the way forward; the design is simple and ingenious guaranteed cold air induction incorporated in to the stock enclosure.

The K&N57s kit also comes with a replacement air box lid its raised higher inside compared to the stock lid aswell as being a polished smooth surface:IMG_20150801_085328_zpsnlktpakv.jpgIMG_20150801_110457_zpsr8cexaqq_edit_143

The kit guarantees an increase in horsepower: IMG_20150801_085046_zpsk7aamfew_edit_143SciFiFantasyHorse_PowerhorsepowerjpgrZd3

K&N have even supplied two +5bhp stickers to ensure an increase in performance is felt.IMG_20150801_085436_zpsjod66d1c_edit_143

In competition now:

Green now also manufacture a filter with side induction:

The green filter with side induction doesn't come supplied with a larger induction lid or side cap its just the filter itself.

Link: http://www.fswerks.com/products/green-filter-high-performance-cone-air-filter-ford-focus-escape-2012-2013

K&N also provide the filter with side induction as a stand alone item without a larger lid or side cap if desired: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/K-N-E-9289-High-Performance-Replacement-Air-Filter-/131446800923?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1e9ad7021b

I have to say;

I've closely examined the build quality of the K&N filter and i cant see any excessive glue on the surface of the filter or any imperfections due to "mass production" as claimed by Green in the first page of this guide.

Having the K&N57s kit now fitted; IMG_20150801_112016_zpsyyjkiwp5.jpg

The exhaust tone has a bit more grunt to it,

The induction sounds great especially at around 3,000rpm in 3rd Gear onwards.

The performance is increased aswell I've not driven it myself but the wife says it feels like the increase from blanking the EGR valve.

In terms of MPG i was already getting 70MPG so it can only get better.

Overall my advise would be;

The Green Cotton Induction Filter linked and fitted on page 01

Is a great filter provides increased MPG, performance and is still the best filter on the market for under 100 pounds.

However if your willing to spend over 100 pounds on your induction system then the K&N57s-4000

Is the best on the Market today.

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