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Davys Pfl Mk2 Silver 3 Door 1.6 Tdci 110

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So, I've been away from the forum for quite a while now, but I've started to spend a bit more money on the car getting it the way I've always wanted instead of saving for another car haha, I'm in a comfortable enough position that I plan on getting an ST170 around summer ;) We'll see how that pans out! So, I've decided to share a bit more about it :D

In the mean time, I'll write a general history of the car, the problems I've had, the things I've done with it and then a few photos :P

And to break it up, a photo first ;)


So my love hate relationship begins in September last year (Well, technically two years now it's January, but hey) 2014, after being involved in a bad car accident at the end of summer (not my fault, rear ended at 40 and crushed between two cars) I was driving a 106, all be it a fun stupid little car to drive, it wasn't for me haha! And I saw this going for sale in a local higher end car sales, so I knew I could get it a bit cheaper as it had to be a trade in, and so it was, arrived, was subtly shown to the back car park where it was sitting and at first, I was like, oh... Oh dear. Priced to sell at £3000, with 85,000 on it full service history, 6 months Mot and just had it's timing belts done, the market price at the time was around £3500, so, what was wrong you say?

  • Fuel flap was a different colour
  • Rear arches beginning to rust
  • Under the drivers door had been scuffed and touched up with literally just primer
  • Wheels were in a sorry state

So, it's safe to say, I got a good bit off the price ;D


So, I got the car sent to the body shop, and while it was there, got the number plate strip colour coded :) Then a set of nicer "Metro Plates"


Then came the rear tints :P


Aaaaand not long after Easter, with plans on getting the car lowered, remaped, and new wheels, disaster came, to be expected around 94k though!


Unfortunately, this was a reconditioned turbo and failed after only 400 mile, with no warantee and low on money after it all, me and my mechanic (Who is also one of my good friends, which helps) Decided the best option would be to just have the core replaced by a local Autospark and Turbo specialist, while the turbo was away, we set about getting the DPF gutted, EGR blanked and getting the wheels painted :D


So, got the turbo back, in it went, straight back to the Autospark with the car for the ECU Delete for the DPF and EGR, drove about 1200 mile when I started getting an Engine Systems Fault and a code relating to "Underboost" This is a problem we still haven't figured out, near a year later, but the car is driving 100% only, like the code would suggest, isn't boosting properly.

And as far as car care would apply, the car has been fully serviced every 5000 ;) She's well looked after that way! Paint wise, back in summer I regularly waxed the car, and every 6 months it gets a full treatment, De Tarred, Clayed, Machine polished, wax and sealed :P


And up until recently there were no huge updates, I lost hear in the car after the turbo carry on and was afraid to spend money on it, but, I've gained my trust in it again and she is getting some ramp time next weekend to treat it, rear axle bushes, passenger side front hub (Bearings away) Coilovers, Disks, pads, a bit of sanding and protection paint underneath, will heat it up to remove any moisture at all in places where rust is starting to pop though and stonechip it :)

So, here is more or less a gallery of the focus in various stages, whether it's just a snap of it, or something getting done, I might as well share ;P


So yeah, cheers for taking the time to read my woes hahaha, I plan on keeping this more up to date lol

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Uploading from my phone, so bear with me haha

So, got the coilovers in, undercarraige axle etc rubbed down, etch primed, painted laquered etc, then the hub in, we haven't got the rear bushes in yet, waiting on getting a lend of the tool, disks and pads replaced at the front, then finally, coilovers in ;p

Righr down at the back and ten threads up at the front, these photos don't do it any justice, but you get the jist :p Comforts and adjusters still in :)





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