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"yes" that old chestnut!

Not been around for a while... as my last couple of cars have been "shock horror" not Fords. Suzuki swift sport and now Renault RS Clio 200t (yes, there are actually some of us out there that actually rather like these cars).

Could really do with something a bit bigger now (well that's my excuse). So was thinking around the lines of a Focus ST3 (+ a few tasty extras). But was wondering what sort of lead times there are from ordering a car and getting delivery these days? Could ask a dealer I suppose, but they do have a tendency to just pull a figure out of the air (or that's what it seems like at times)! I had sort of assumed 3/4 months from order to delivery but have been a little surprised to see on the Focus ST forum, that some folks appear to have been waiting 6 months + (especially for an ST3)!!!

I had sort of assumed, start looking late May / early June for an October delivery. But now starting to think this might not be early enough......

Just wonder what peoples experiences are at the moment. As the current Focus has been out a while now, you would sort of think that things should have improved a bit.

Thanks in advance :)

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Decided to bite the bullet and get one any way.

Managed to pick up a cancelled order. Focus st3 in race red. Did want Tangerine Scream, but that would have required a factory order. While the red one was already built and sat in the compound in Holland awaiting a new owner. Bought via CARWOW, so got a decent discount.

Had it a couple of months now and can't really fault it. Handling and performance spot on (though it does have the Mountune stage one upgrade).

If being picky... The Sync2 system wants an overhaul (sync 3 available soon I guess). And why no front parking sensors? And why do the doors not auto lock when you walk away from the car? (my previous two motors had key-less entry and did this!). And why do the doors not auto lock when you drive off? (to prevent car jacking etc.).

Only real complaint about the car, is the paintwork! Not the best paint job I've ever had on a car!! There are a number of small patches where there are "bits" under the paint (something obviously got on the body Shell during spraying). Not really visible unless you look hard while cleaning the car but never the less... Not too worried, as the car is only on a 2 year PCP. I did have a moan about it to the supplying dealer and Ford themselves (more because I like a good moan than anything).

Other than the above, probably one of the best cars I've bought. Be nice if it did more than 26/28 MPG though. Can't have everything I suppose (ha ha). Though I have seen 36 MPG on a restrained run. But what's the point of having a car like this and driving like Miss Daisy.





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41 minutes ago, Stoney871 said:

I got mine within 5 days (another cancelled order) in the exact spec I was looking for.

Guess it was fate.

Sent from my SM-G930F

5 days?! It took me 2 weeks to get a used Fiesta out of Ford Direct/Dagenham Motors/Trust Ford (they have had various names to try and outrun their poor reputation).  And it turns out the car was sat in a compound 7 miles away all along!

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It was in the local dealers storage compound and just needed a PDI and a polish.

Lucky me.

I hope the person that cancelled the order is kicking themself daily for missing out on a great car.

Their loss is my gain though 😉

Sent from my SM-G930F

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