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Stereo Wiring Help


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Hi guys, not a sparky so after help with regards to what i have inherited.

Got a K reg Mk5a cab, want to sort all the wiring out for the stereo properly, but its in a right state thanx to the previous owner. Have included pics to show the problem. Have done a table as best i can to explain, any more pics required please ask and i will do.

Oh my where do i start, as you can see from the pic below, i have a mess on my hands. Between the main grey cable and the main wires they are all connected together in one way or another (scary).


Excuse how i word this, the metal protection that surrounds the wires inside the grey cable is connected to the brown wire attached to the top connector block.



There are other bits like this that would take to much explaining, more than happy to speak over the phone if anyone has the time for a more detailed explanation.

What i hope to do if possible is - can i make a fresh start and cut just after the places indicated in the photo below.


Could someone confirm that the main grey cable (1) is for the Speakers and the main wires are the power and the rest (2) and what is the third cable for (3), its not the antenna as i have removed this from the display.



Is this table correct -

Out of the grey cable

Colour wire................Role

Red/yellow.................Rear Speakers positive

Red/white..................Rear Speakers negative

Black/white................Front speakers negative

Yellow/black...............Front speakers positive





There is also a metallic blue sheath with a red wire inside.

Appreciate any help on this.

Thanx in advance


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hmm thats a mess to say the least. do you have a soldering iron and heatshrink?

as for the colours im not too sure, i would rather be there to give a definet answer. the 4 cores you cant identify could also be for Speakers.

you probably have front left, front right, rear left and rear right, which would explain all the cores. i would remove each of the Speakers and see what goes where.

the thicker red and yellow cables are for power, permanent and switched live.

the 3rd cable im not sure of. is there a fuse in the fuse panel for the cd player? i dont get why someone has botched a fuse in there...

shame i wasnt closer as id certainly have come round and had a look at it for you.

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speaker wires - yellow/colour - speaker + x4

white/colour - speaker - x4

brown - earth

red - perm live

yellow - switched live

grey/colour - illumination

blue - electric ariel or amp

it looks like all the speaker - wires have been wired into the earth syatem so the car body compleates the circut.

hard to make out the other colour, any that i have mised please list, have fun!

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