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Average MPG Focus 2015

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I’ve recently brought my dream car (Focus, 2015, Titanium, Lunar Sky – lovely.) I love the average MPG display and I’ve been challenging myself to see how efficiently I can drive her. I’ve managed to get the MPG display up to 99.9, but there is no way I can actually be getting 99.9 mpg out of her as I’m not coasting downhill all the time. Can anyone help me understand exactly what it’s telling me? TIA

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This means the car believes you are getting at least 99.9mpg as an average.

I tend to get this after I just topped up and I leave the fuel station forecourt, and I am just rolling in gear.

What this means is, at the time you are driving, your car is running at minimum to no engine load, and the fuel use is minimal as the injectors have pretty much stopped delivering fuel. I get this for example, when I roll down the road at 30 in fourth or fifth gear, and dont use the accelerator, or the brake, I just keep cruising at a pace.


Depending on how many miles you have done so far to get this reading, I dont know if its average, or realtime, but its certainly to be taken with a pinch of salt :)

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Thanks for that, the car has two displays, one for "mpg" which goes up and down, nothing when I'm idling at traffic lights, about 7 when I pull away and 99.9 when I'm coasting downhill. The other one is average mpg (it a zero with a diagonal line through it followed by mgp so "O MPG" This has been slowly creeping up from 30 ish when I first got the car (at 9 miles on the clock) to 99.9 now I have 5,000 on it. I assumed it was the average but 99.9 cannot be my average mpg. I am so confused.

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the average MPG is the trip average, so I reset this every time I top up. What you may find, is that a lot of coasting and rolling has improved your MPG to the point where the average fuel used does equate to an excess of 99.9MPG.

if I reset my trip and head down the motorway, cruising at 56, my display can often flick to 99.9, its all about timing, efficiency and the amount of fuel used.

If however, you truly have averaged an excess of 99.9MPG in that mileage, its pretty good going!

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hi,, this is the old type multi display on my 2012 car,,, top left is the average speed of the miles done, top right is the mpg for the trip or miles done,, bottom left is the live mpg of what im getting at the moment,,, (my car was stationary) so its showing tick over, bottom right is showing miles left in tank to refill.

So the two were interested in are the bottom left which is the mpg your actually getting while driving,,, higher when coasting of feathering the throttle and lower when your gunning it or going up hill etc,,

And top right which is the average of the trip or of the mileage already done.

So the average is higher the smoother you drive, including stops and stars, the more you shift up and down the box as in town driving the less mileage you get,,, my average in the picture is from a trip to Scarborough and back from Hull,, roughly about 90 miles on B roads.


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We recently bought a 2015 focus 125 titanium. When I got the car I reset all the computer readings so that I knew that the readings applied to me. However I have found that the overall average fuel readings stay stable at around 43-45 MPG for a couple of thousand miles then start to climb to unreasonable levels, ie 65-80 MPG over a period of days. Should I contact a Ford agent whilst the car is still under warrantee or just reset when this starts to happen?  I have had average fuel consumption readouts on other cars that have stayed accurate over the lifetime of my ownership, usually around 130,000 miles over 4 years. ( I was doing a lot of mileage for my job)

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