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Kuga Navigation


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I see you can buy a SD card with ford maps on it on eBay for about €50, I'm just wondering if the ford Kuga Titanium Plus will support this? My car has a location setting so I'm thinking there is no reason why the maps shouldn't load other then Ford have put a block on this happening.


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Hi does your kuga have Sync 2, If so you can't just add the SD card for the nav. the actually Sync unit or APIM Module would need to be swapped out for a unit that came with Nav you can't add it afterwords as it's licenced in a silly way.

Ways to tell you have Nav on your Sync 2 System the Top Right corner will say insert nav sd card. and down the bottom it will have a little "i" button for information. 

If however it says Information in the top right corner. then you dont have the nav fuction.

The Sync 2 system will report your location with GPs but this is for use with the "911 Assist" or "Emergancy Assist" in Europe.


Hope this helps

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