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Beginners cleaning advice


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Hi all. Having finally purchased a 'decent' car, it's about time I found some knowledge on how to clean it properly, and keep it in pristine condition.

I've been driving a 2003 Fiesta Ghia around for the past three years so all the knowledge I have of car cleaning is a bottle of turtle wax shampoo, a bucket and a sponge. I'm after a step by step guide on products and technique.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks :)

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Two bucket wash with any shampoo (I personally hate Autoglym products with a passion).

clay with clay bar & lube

Purchase some fallout remover. This needs doing to your car once every 6 months ideally if unprotected. It's a great wheel cleaner too.

Purchase a Glaze of some sort. This will help fill in the swirl marks and hide them a little.

Purchase some tar remover.

Wash method to get it up to scratch

Two bucket wash

Fallout removal

Tar removal

clay bar

Wash off clay


Apply glaze.

Apply wax

You're done

Maintenence wash

Two bucket wash





Have a look at gloss enhancers too. That way you've got a GLAZE to hide swirls & imperfections, WAX for protection & GLOSS ENHANCER for extra gloss without polishing

www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk - approved resellers of the Highest quality detailing & Valeting supplies

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I hate autoglym products with a passion, in my opinion it belongs in Halfords & thats where it should stay; on the shelf.

Auto finesse is rebottled bespoke from Angel wax

Autobrite is rebottled Angel wax

Swisswax have been known for relabelling products with upto a 140% Mark up!!!

Carbon Collective Is rebottled

Some say Gtechniq rebottles...

Dodojuice is made in house

MadCow is made in house

Csp is made in house

I personally use

Snowfoam lance; Direct hoses. £20.best lance I've ever used. I've used £10 lances & £45 lances and this came out on top by a long way!

Snowfoam; Inspired Automotive snowfoam OR one of CSP's snowfoam. CSP is for the worse offenders.

Shampoo; CSP Lubricated shampoo OR Inspired Automotive Detailers choice

Iron fallout removal - CSP IronFe gel.

Polishes; CSP Polishing System with Rupes Bigfoot 21mm

Glaze; MadCow High gloss purified glaze


For high cost services CSP QD + PROTECT, CSP wax spritzer

For budget services; Autobead Shine+protect OR Inspired Automotive Finalise/finalise pro.

Glass sealant - Kleen freaks glass cleaner & Sealant

Tyres - Fireball Korea Tyre wax

Trim - Yorkshire detailing Reversal Hard wax

Wax; Yorkshire detailing Reversal or CSP Carnuaba wax.

clay bar; Carchem medium/fine clay

clay lubricant; Inspired Automotive Pink Mist

Wheel sealant; MadCow Wheel Seal

Fabric Sealant; Gtechniq I1

Interior trim cleaner; CSP prestige Interior Cleaner

Interior Fabric Cleaner; Shiny Garage interior cleaner

Interior trim dressing;

CSP prestige Interior Cleaner OR MadCow Mango Sauce

Air freshener - Inspired Automotive Fragrances

All purpose cleaner - Inspired Automotive Wide Stance

Glass cleaner; exterior; Kleen freaks glass cleaner & Sealant

Interior; CSP VOC free glass cleaner

Liquid wax; Kleen freaks Liquid wax

Any type of product I've missed, let me know and I'll post.

www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk - approved resellers of the Highest quality detailing & Valeting supplies

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Wow thanks bud, that's a pretty detailed response, ill make sure I look into the products you advised, thanks for the tips! :)

I was just about to post a link to an auto glym kit that I've seen, it seems you answered my question on whether that would be any good!

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The autoglym products are full of optical fillers & stupid amounts of synthetic waxes etc which causes staining and the rest

Better off looking into the newer products above :)

Any questions just drop me a PM and I'll reply faster! Or send me an email through the website

www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk - approved resellers of the Highest quality detailing & Valeting supplies

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Just a quick one. 


All inspired automotive products on the website are now at 50% off until they're gone! And they're not coming back. This isn't due to the quality of the products, but simply because the brand seems to be allowing every man and his dog to sell their products. Hence were pushing to find something better for our customers. 



Any requests or Suggestions? 

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