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gear linkage mechanism

Paul b

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my partner has just had a quote from a garage for a brand new gear linkage mechanism for her ford ka 62 plate at £480 including labour. He said its due to the part being owned by Fiat still as they only have the licence for it. and can't get used ones. would this be about right??

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Utter nonsense you can get the part second hand easily and fitted for less than £100.

Have you tried eurocarparts or eBay - google is your friend.

Buy the part yourself then get a good garage to fit it!

check this for an example of decent prices


The entire gear linkage including the gear lever etc for less than £70


I would seriously avoid that garage and tell all your friends what a bunch of conmen they are - I despise garages they are literally all a bunch of fiddlers and diddlers!

And that was only a 3 minute search...You may find better prices if you take a bit longer...


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OR this


What annoys me the most is its probably because she is female they took the jimmy riddle - always go with yer burd when taking yer car to a garage.

They are all at it!

I went into quik fit for a laugh to get a quote for an exhaust system replacement - they quoted me £900 + fitting - I then brought out my eurocarparts list and asked them how they could justify it - the guy behind the counter didnt even know what a macpherson strut was! I should have videoed it - next time!!!

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the ka uses some fiat parts but if its a ka ie ford then it will have the ford box not the fiat one.i had my daughters ka 2010 gearxox taken out new seals and rebuilt and refitted for less than £300 and the gearbox people said a ka only uses a ford box and the f 500 uses the fiat box as he does quite a lot of them as the seals seem to be common fail. As its been said the garage is doing you over SO AVOID THEM 

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