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Thumping Knocking noise when turning left


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I am getting a loud knocking/thumping noise from behind the bulk head when I am turning left and accelerating hard from a standstill. It only happens when the NSF wheel is slipping slightly (when road is wet/slippy etc).

It seems to be caused by the vibration caused by the wheel gripping, slipping then gripping again.

Either something's loose under there or mounted too close to the bulk head and hitting it with the shock.

I know it could be any number of things, but any ideas?

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the traction control makes a hell of a noise, as mentioned above it might just be that.  I have a small stretch of road which has a left bend and a slight hump, if I kick the balls out of it around there I get some lateral drift and wheel spin, sends the TC system in to a  right fit :D

Ive never known a more noisy system so I'm not sure if that's normal on the focus or not but its certainly what happens with mine.




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The traction control is a bit obtrusive on the Focus I find...  If I want to make angry wheel spins or powerslide round a corner that should be my choice not the cars... :wink:

So annoying from a standing start though, I can get it off the line quicker without the TC on!  With it on theres a burst of power followed by a sudden nose dive as it cuts power/taps brakes...by then I've lost the traffic light grand prix. :sad:

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Thanks for your replies. I don't know if the car has traction control or not, but if that's what it is WOW what a racket! It sounds like the whole engine/gearbox is thumping on the body of the car. I'll check the CV joints, but they should be ok as it's only just recently passed its MOT.

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