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I currently have v3.8 with bought and activated navigation. If I update to 3.10, does everything stays activated or I lose the license (for navigation)?

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On 2/13/2017 at 2:09 PM, Bannko said:

Well the all mighty update v3.10 is here :smile: 

before i was sending the download link only for Language pack 2 and via PM. But now it is already available for all other language packs. I have used the original Language Pack2 update and edited it for all other EU language packs that were available on the Russian site: 

The installation is the same as before so:

1. Download and unzip onto USB stick (formatted to FAT32)

2. On the USB stick you should have only: "SyncMyRide" folder and "autoinstall.lst" file

3. Start your car, engine must be running all the time

4. Plugin the USB in you car and the installation will start automatic. 

Installation time approx. 22 minutes.

After the installation the SYNC will have no saved data from Phone or Navigation - so you have to set it up all again.

For those who have the NAVIGATION activated additionally - you won't loose it after this USB update. 

And of course, UPDATE ON YOUR OWN RISK ! :wink:


EU Language Pack 1 - German, English (British), Russian, Turkish:!wUgHySTC!i2YQMUxLhTQiBrjnNYQ1TsZSGqSBRa1LEOepfFpb1Mw


EU Language Pack 2 - German, English (British), Russian:!gRICRBrB!9JNa7d3_3Mn2SEZ-iKyfY4ac6scb4UjogmEwdke5B_I


EU Language Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian:!4YRDDRLD!tZMhM-o8nAJ-pJSgrfqX3XpYqeiX4DEZ15UCnB1LwUY


EU Language Pack 4 - German, English (British), French, Swedish:!1RhW0RpC!AKl1rA96-kc3zYUdOjWKJP4yxjj4uqKlrPCyKCPzPeo


EU Language Pack 5 - English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese:!cc4HSKwa!2evt2tQmfe8deCfyHZgsfCkkkB77lp5r5o_yra9Y31A


EU Language Pack 6 - German, English (British), French, Dutch:!dA4QDRZS!WsA-gbxK-MZjMGp9plZSjIYUhd6us_nWQAzLiNKW4p8



AND it is not suitable for North American My Ford Touch !





Hi all,


First post for me just to say the upgrade to 3.10 for me worked in my 2015 Mk5 Mondeo using the above download and instructions. I was on and a very old version of sync and nav version 3.x!!! (not mentioned on any popular guides) so I took the risk to use the (Full) 700mb 3.10 upgrade straight up. Good news is it worked, took about half an hour and now I am on 3.10 (Nav 5.67.6).

I can't even begin to tell you how happy this has made me.. my what I assume was 2015 factory spec software was ridiculously UNRESPONSIVE. I had to hit each button 2/3 times regularly so I got completely put off and stopped using it after a week, the nav address input screen was laughable also. I just bought the car 2nd hand and have been actually feeling a bit upset about how poor sync2 turned out to be.

Anyway... after this upgrade, the system I am glad to report is so.. so much better, very responsive, quick to navigate and the nav has lost the mind-boggling address entry... i'm really happy. Thanks all.

So yeah thought I would sign up to say if anyone else is in my shoes and has a very old version of sync it appears to be safe to go straight to 3.10 (using the 700mb~ package above) on a EU spec car with the above download. If you are like me and wanted to know where the files came from you might find & interesting. I believe the above download is an EU variant of this "homemade" update much to the dismay of some of the NA drivers who happened to install it and lost NA specific features. You will get a "congratulations you have upgraded to 3.08" message at the end that throws you but as soon as you press OK you can see it is clearly 3.10 in the version listed as installed, this appears to be a byproduct of combining the official 3.08 install package with the new 3.10 components. I feel slightly uncomfortable discovering this but as long as the source files are valid and from ford and install correctly I got over it and went ahead! Not looking back!



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Hi All, 

I'm in Switzerland and I just bought a 2016 March S-Max that was imported from Italy (there are lots of EU car importers in Switzerland, it's nothing special). It has SYNC 2 sadly, probably one of the last ones I guess. 

Anyway, I just updated to the 3.10 version of the software using Pack 3 (My missus is French, plus Switzerland has German, French and Italian as official languages) and it all seems to work OK as per the instructions given in this thread (thanks for your efforts in putting the package together!), although I haven't driven it yet. 

I used the Eject+Next button push trick to put the computer into diagnostic view mode and looking through the various sensors etc. there is a value that says something like "Transmission Type: Manual", which is incorrect, the car is an Automatic. One or two of the others looked wrong also.

Should I be worried about this?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi. I Have a 2015 Focus with Sync2 with version 4.32.14073. I live i Denmark. Which language pack should I use when I update my Sync 2?

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