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Faulty injectors


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Welcome everyone.

I've bought Mondeo TDCI 130HP 04 plate and unfortunately 3 injectors are knackerd.

I bought it from garage so it is under 1 month warranty but seller want to put second hand ones instead, btw first he want to reprogmaing them.As I know he won't do eneythig with this and will give me not fixed car.

Do enybody know good place for buying reconditioned injectors within the UK?

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insist on new injectors otherwise walk away and demand your money back on the car. what guarantee have you got that the secondhand injectors wont go bang in a short time leaving you with a big bill when the car is out of warrenty.

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Ok my injectors are replaced, but I have another problem.

On the cold start engine is twitching (shaking) and there is white/grey stinky smoke - it hapends only after night.

When colder outside than worse, I notice that one of the injector seals if leaking, so I'll replace it ASAP.

What could be wrong?

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