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Focus 2006 reg 1.6 petrol Auto.DTC code P2300


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A few days ago my engine warning light came on and car started to perform very poorly. I assume this was the limp home mode. I Read the codes with an Forscan OBD reader and P2300 comes up.  This indicates that  the A coil circuits could be either open circuit or short circuit.

I bought a new coil from  Eurocarparts and have now fitted it, but the car fails to start. I  tried charging the battery as the voltage was down a little. I checked the fuses and could find nothing wrong there.

I removed plug 1 and could not see a spark when the engine was turned over. But could see a really nice juicy spark when I did the same with plug 2.

I know the ignition system uses the redundant spark system so it looks like I have a wiring fault on the A coil circuit. does any one have any further information on that. Please

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Well it seems I had the correct diagrams all along just me not being used to reading them. Now just for the sake of accuracy I need to know which engine I have.

Is it Ti-VCT or not Ti-VCT is it a DIVVT. How do you find out. The engine number gives no clue as far as I know. I s the clue in the VIN number? Yes I do also know that the engine number as stated on the V5 is also part of the VIN. Any help would be much appreciated.

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The normal 1.6 Duratec has 100 Hp and the 1.6 TI-VCT has 115 HP. They can also be recognised by the throttle body location. The TI-VCT has the throttle body mounted next to the air filter box using a small hose to connect hem The normal 1.6 has the throttle body mounted a bit further away using a longer hose which is routed through the intake manifold. 

You should check the output signal of the low voltage wiring at the coilpack. If there is no signal on one of the two wires your problem will most likely be caused by defective wiring or a defective PCM.

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coil wirings a common fault ford sell piggy back wiring that you solder in place of the old plug and wires you're v5 will tell you if its 100bhp or 115bhp or put you're reg in the ford etis website and it will also tell you

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