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Repair jobs, is it worth it?


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Hi there,

Ford Focus 59 Plate, 85k, 1.8 TDCI (Lynx engine), 4 brake disks. 

Took my car in for a major service in Oct 15 when it was @ 78k and got a vew issues flagged up on the visual health check.

  • Couple of tires are getting low on tread: 205/50 17WR
  • Front brake pads 75% worn and disks wearing
  • Rear trailing arm bushes split n/s & o/s.

O/S brake is grinding almost all of the time now, even when not braking, so I think this must be totally worn. It is turning heads when I pull into car parks.

  1. Does anyone know the appx cost to get both front pads and disks replaced on this car?
  2. Ford want to charge me £556 to fix the rear trailing arm. This seems a lot. Does anyone know a rough idea on what an independent would charge? Have never had this fault before. 
  3. I am doing around 100 miles per day in this car. Is is worth me part exing this now and getting something with less miles, before anything else starts going on it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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Well, those bushes are usually 30-40 quid for a pair. Brake pads & disks not much more. Anyone that isn't Ford will probably charge around 150 for the whole lot although none of them are particularly difficult jobs for a DIYer!

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Worn trailing arm bushes is a common fault.The bushes are cheap enough,it's the labour that costs because it does involve a fair amount of time.I replaced mine last year and can be done in a weekend if you know what you are doing but if you don't really know what's what ,go to a local independent with a good reputation.Last year Ford wanted £480 to do my trailing arms,I've a MK1.Replacing discs and pads in my view is easier if you have the correct tools.

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if you get a ford garage that knows what its doing you can get it cheaper they can drop the rear subframe to keep costs down its also quicker and easier £260 is what it cost me from a ford dealer the price they qouted is to do it the proper way which means removing bolts that may not go adding to the overall cost

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tried it once and every bolt was siezed even he's with a welder wouldn't work only option was to cut the bolts off and replace every arm on the rear so let ford do it but prices up here seem cheaper than down south the first garage qouted £500 minimum running up to £650 if they had to cut the arms etc depends what rear trailing arm bushes they mean upper front rear trailing arm bushes or rear lower trailing arm bushes the u the upper front ones bolt to the underside of the car and are rarely replaceable without bending the arm causing handling problems the arm with bush are usually replaced as one piece

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