1.8 thermostat leaking

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Hi all

So it looks like I have leaky thermostat housing. Tight side is a puddle on the bottom bolt and the bell housing is covered in that white crust. Ibtop up every 4/5 days where it is under min. I could spot the leak before but looks like the stat housing. 

I notice you can buy a seal from Ford which is what I guess is worn ?

Or should I replace the housing and seal ?

Euro do the seal for £3 and a non grm circoli housing for £40. 

Is it hard to do this ? 

At a glance I see a few 10mls and some torx screws. Is itba case of draining it off via the rad drain screw. Disconnect all the hoses and undo those bolts and screws and replace ? 


Any things to watch out for do ? 

Wonder how long it lasts till it fails entirely.  Hmm dancing in limited time I think



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100% change the lot pile of crap, seal alone is £4.50 for £15 can get the lot, keep the thermostat if its a good one, running at nearly middle on the gauge.

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Wow  £15!! Where's that from ? Ford quoted me £101 but Eurocarparts was under £40 plus the seal is a few quid.

I have to admit I was tempted to do just the seal to see if it works but could be good.measure to replace all and not.look back. 

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