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Focus 18 diesel tdci turbo whistle


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Yeh, when I first test drove my car the first thing i noted was the turbo whoosh from the car. The dealer had only just got it in stock the day before and hadn't really checked it over before i took it for a test drive. At first i thought it was just because it was a bigger turbo diesel engine that I had in my old car. Turned out it was a turbo hose that had a v split in it near the egr valve....

My egr valve has been blanked for past 6k miles, doesn't seem to increase turbo noise. Well worth doing it (if you haven't already), stops your car breathing its own fumes and runs a bit better, although cold start warm up takes longer.  (won't bring on the engine light only costs a couple of quid)

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Thing is with mine it aint a whooshing sound its a high pitched whistle which goes after a certain rev, around 2 2 and half 1000 revs, on a run above that you hear nothing, only when you stop at lights or a junction and pull away you hear it again,  

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Conclusion , took car to a garage today and guy who deals with focuses had a listen and checked pipes for me, no cracks in pipes, no leaks anywhere, he said its the blades on the turbo unit, some cars do it some don't, said nothing to worry about unless its annoying you so much change the turbo unit, my thoughts on that is get some ear plugs and wait for the unit to bite the dust,


Ok guys after all the feedback on this thread this is what iv found,

The ford specialist was wrong on this as I cant settle until I can get to the bottom of it

Started the car up this morning and hat annoying whistle was there even before I drove off, making me think it cant be turbo unit,

Turned the engine off and sprayed WD40 on some moving parts, most obvious one being the alternator, well to my surprise whistle sound gone completely,  was I just lucky or what,


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