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Fiesta 2009 boot opens when driving


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Hi All, 

I've used this forum for years, and its been great, now I thought it was about time to contribute, as everyone is really helpful, I have had an issue with my boot when driving where the boot will open, generally when it is wet/ or cold.

So today I decided to investigate, after reading some other instructions about fixing this on a C-max, however it appears to be very different as I found after disassembling the boot of the car.

The only part which needs to be removed is in fact the boot switch itself, which is a self contained unit, once this is open you will find it is very wet inside, causing it to think the boot is actually being opened, when the ignition is turned on.

You will need to remove the opening button below, I used a plastic pry tool to remove this it is stubborn as there is tonne of dirt, but it will come out.




This is the connector which is connecting it from the back of the switch, just remove the switch using a small screwdriver, comes away fairly easy.



You will find there are 6 tiny screws holding the switch together, be careful not to lose these, when removing them, you will need to remove them to gain access to the switch.


This is what you will see when you remove the screws, mine was all wet inside, which needed to be dried out, once dried out, I put some WD-40 & used petroleum jelly on the inside to protect it from the wet, then reassembled.




This all took me under an hour to complete, whilst enjoying a coffee in the cold.

Hope this helps someone else with the same issue, from what I read on here, this is a known issue, and most people have returned their cars to Ford to have it repaired under warranty, but for those out of warranty, this may help.



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Thanks for posting this, i had the same issue and couldnt figure out what was causing it.

the solution worked perfectly and saved me the £60 ford wanted to charge me

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