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idle mixture solenoid?

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hi i own a 1986 ford fiesta xr2, ive just had the carb set up on a rolling road and been told i need a new anti run on solenoid valve for the carb i have looked on the internet and cant find anyting about them?

if anyone has any knowledge of were to get one from or if that is the name of it then it will be appreciated.


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if its the standard carb it should be a weber 32/34, the only two solenoides i can remember is the bit beside the fuel intake pipe is a Carb Valve Inlet Solenoid, basically when the iginiton is switched off, a magnet within releases a plunger and blocks a air hole in the carb. This stops any more fuel getting into carb because it will push against air. These can cause issues .

the other is the idle speed solenoid, there should be a wire going to a terminal on the back (nearest the bulkhead). This wire attaches to the idle cut off solenoid, which is a round unit screwed into the carburettor, this unit is quite often the cause of this problem. If the wire isn't attached then it's probably dangling down the back of the engine somewhere and once reconnected there should be no more problems. If it is connected then you'll need to check it for a voltage. There should be 12 volts present when the ignition is switched on, if there isn't then the wire is damaged and you'll need to find the problem or replace the wire. If 12 volts is present and there is no click from the carburettor when you switch the ignition on, then the solenoid is faulty and you'll need to buy a new one, they are available from Ford, or a Weber dealer.

best to give theses guys a ring.


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thanks, yes its the one with the wire that i have been told to change the guy recconed it was putting air in when it shouldnt and therefore making it cut out at junctions??

Think you'll find its called an anti dieseling solenoid.

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