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Upgrade options from 'Ford 6000 CD' - Want A2DP + BT


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I have a 2008 MK2.5 Focus - with the 'Ford 6000 CD' factory fitted stereo.


99% of the time I use my phone to provide music & podcasts etc - and connect over a USB BT adapter, plugged into the Aux-in in the glove compartment. 

I'd like to upgrade this to a 'higher end' focus stereo (Sony?) with DAB and A2DP bluetooth out of the box, so it's better / neater solution - but I'm confused which models I could use on my Focus, and what extra connectors I'd need etc.

Has anyone done a similar upgrade?  Did you go aftermarket (non-Sony) for the head?

Any comments welcome, thanks!



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Simple answer is Yes.

You would need the same model bluetooth module but with the N suffix (for example - 8M5T-19G488-AN) which would also offer a direct USB feed for media input.

For a DAB install you will need the specific aerial, base and wiring kit, I have a guide for this here-


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Hi I'm a newby so I'm not sur where to put this without start g a new thread, hope it's OK here.

I have a 2008 focus with the standard Ford stereo 6000 in silver and chrome surround, I was wondering if I could upgrade it to the black Sony stereo it looks like the same shape, is it the same connectors at the back or would I need to put adaptors on?

Thanks in advance

And I apologise if I'm in the wrong place

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