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Yep, more than a valet but not a full detail... :wink:  First one this year, hasn't been done since last summer.

Hopefully these pics haven't been too Photobucketed otherwise they'll all look the same lol.

Few before shots -




Jetwashed the worst off - used a 'new' end for the jetwash, it must have been there all along but never noticed it before lol.  Kinda makes little circles of water which is really effective tbf!


Shampoo'd with Mer and a wash mitt in one bucket (oh no!) then rinsed


Clayed using the clay mitt and some cheap crap shampoo in a bucket to lubricate, mixed opinions on this but it seemed to work well for me.


Rinsed again


Dried with drying towel


Tried out a new product, bought it well over a year ago but never had the balls to try it lol.  I've only ever used SRP before which doesn't actually cut, it just fills imperfections...but means you can't ruin the paint with it lol.  So anyway, decided to give the Megs Ultimate Compound a go...it's basically like whitening toothpaste lol, white and gritty...  No idea if I even used it right lol, it did seem to work ok though.  Would've liked to use a machine polisher but after looking at them for a while decided I can't really justify one atm.


Then time for Poorboys Paste wax, this stuff is ridiculously easy to use.


After wax



AG bumper snot on the grey plastics (they're meant to be grey, haven't faded lol, shame they didn't make them black though imo).  Don't really rate this stuff tbh.


Cleaned windows with regular window cleaner, no pics though.

Megs Endurance Gel on the Tyres...great stuff but messy to apply, got some new stuff on GingerFlames recommendation for when this runs out.


Epic reflection (ignore the standard orange peel lol)


Exterior finished





Interior hardly gets dirty with only me in it!  Just gave the floor a quick hoover


That's it folks!

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Looking good!

How effective did you find the compound by hand? What did you use to apply it? A hand polishing block? :)

Did you go for the Korean stuff we discussed for your tyres in the end?

www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk - approved resellers of the Highest quality detailing & Valeting supplies

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Using the compound by hand was ok, it did clean the paint well and remove the light swirls.  Also appears to have gone some way to removing the bush scratches but they are still visible if you know where to look, machine polish would be needed for those I think.  They have been almost totally 'hidden' by the wax for now though lol.  Applied using an old Turtlewax Ice applicator pad that came with some Ice products a few years ago lol, used small circles and did about half a door at a time, then excess wiped off with a terry towel folded to give 'clean' sides for each panel.

I did get the Korean stuff for tyres yeah, probably got another couple of goes in the Megs stuff to use up first though!

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