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Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4WD


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My good friend's Cossie will be going up for sale soon, due to go in for some work as its been SORN for 15 years and kept in a dry garage covered!

Only on 54,000 with full service history, as my friend used to deliver cars for Ford in the early 90's it always got serviced by Ford only. It will have a new MOT and ready to be taxed. Will be having the fuel tank, disc and pads, timing belt replaced and all checked out by a well-known Cosworth specialist in North London. Colour is Black on the log book but really is like a Monstone grey. History behind the car, was originally a ex-police car in Saudi Arabia which my friend brought from HR Owen in Central London all kitted out with the lights etc. Luckly he got rid of all that crap and restored to factory back then.

It currently has a horrible Ripspeed steering wheel and 17" TSW's but that is going to be replaced with the orignal steering wheel and 16" alloys.

Mods include:
- Stage 1 Map
- Uprated poly bushes
- Powerflow DTM style exhaust.

Car will be availble to view and sold by Acorn Cars in North London (Front building of Yiannimize). Soon as the link is up will post here, should be all done in 2 weeks time. He's been offered around the £20K mark for it.

Perfect weekend/investment car as these are becoming modern classics like the E30's. Everyone prefers the 2WD for powersliding and being lighter but personally 4WD for me is much better.










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