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Would this be worth the gamble

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A friend of a mate has an 05 mondy diesel (tdci)...It's seems a reasonably good car but only got a months mot left..

It needs a o/s rear trail arm (there's another name but don't remember) and 2 back tyres. 

There's also a rattle at idle from the engine and need an injector

He wants 200.....yes/no

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4 hours ago, Russ said:

It's £200 for a reason

As a seller, I agree as if I sell a car for £200 it is because it needs work.  If it didn't I'd put it through an MOT and sell it for £1,000!  However, as a buyer I've bought cars for as little as £100 which have had 6 months MOT and been in mint mechanical condition.

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On the mot (which only has about 6 weeks) there's no fails but only advisories are rear radius arm (trail arm) and 2 back tyre

It runs ok but on idle the a hell of a rattle and don't know if its the chain and tensioner or aux belt and pulley...know me it would be the chain and that's £250 just to buy and needs an injector or 2. I guess if fixed up it would run a good while and do as workhorse.

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