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Mk2 Focus 1.6 Petrol Zetec Daily ST Replica Project

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So I'm a little late to this forum and I have already made it a fair way through this build so I've got a few images below to show the major stages of the build so far!

I began with my focus as you see it in the first image, completely stock!

I then got a full set of FK coilovers and lowered it as far as I could without scraping everywhere I go, I mainly do motorway miles so unfortunately I can't do half of what I would like to but I might as well go as far as I can :)

I got the rear windows tinted too and built a custom parcel shelf (It didn't have one when I bought it) which I fitted with a pair of Kenwood 6x9s

I got a set of replica ST wheels that I personally prefer to the genuine ones, I was originally going to spray them black but when they came in the metallic gray you see below I fell in love with the colour and couldn't bring myself to change. I fitted them with a set of low pro Nexens.

Not long after this it took a bump to the front :( but this gave me a good excuse to carbon fibre wrap the bonnet and replace the front bumpers and grilles. Later came the rear bumper and a Piper performance dual exhaust designed to fit (very closely) and it sounds amazing! Then the hunt for fog trims began! This stage is where it is at in the final picture.

I made my own metal grilles to fit where the fog light inserts are supposed to sit but they are doing well for now

Looking forward to continuing the build and hope you all like what I've done :)




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Thank you both :) since the last picture I managed to get hold of a set of fog light grilles and painted them all black with red outlines, got the ST spoiler and had it carbon fibre wrapped and have put a few stickers on the rear window, I don't have any good pictures yet but hope to get some up by the end of the month :)

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