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In Bristol I have this car which has a number of issues, I bought it with the intention of tidying it up....It goes like stink and handles well,  

I'm driving it on the road today, MoT until November 4.

Starts very well, occasionally temperamental when hot; I understand the crankshaft position sensor needs cleaning or replacing.

The chassis is very good for the age and never been welded.  

Apart from cosmetic the major defects are Tailgate heated glass not working completely and glass is slightly scratched by worn out wiper blade.

Usual leaky rear lamps and damp boot.

Cluster illumination does not light up, all alerts lights are OK....

Sadly and beyond my budget or DIY capability, the scraper piston rings are apparently stuck and the beast drinks oil...

I trusted the man who sold it to me who said its a good car, and it is a good car.  That's why I'm offering it on here in the hope of finding it a good home with somebody who will appreciate it.

It is an LX model with heated windscreen, AirCon and sunroof and I put in some half leather ST seats before finding out the bad news.

I don't know what its worth, I know I burnt my fingers, but just need to shift it as I have a 99 Fiesta ready to roll and cant afford to insure both.

First sensible offer secures it and can be driven away.....it is a lovely drive....just a little lube thirsty.

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