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Ford Focus Mk2 2006 leaky rear light!


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Hi guys, Long time lurker but first time poster of the forums here. 

I just recently bought a Ford Focus, 2006 3 door and it has the usual Ford problem of the rear light cluster leaking. This isn't letting loads and loads of water in, but as time goes on it can start to lay in the boot well. 

I've checked up on this and know -where- to reseal, however I'm having a little trouble figuring out which kind of sealant to use exactly. I know I need to use waterproof, non adhesive sealant but I'm just having trouble actually finding any! With all the different amounts in the DIY shops, it would make your head spin. I don't want to get the wrong stuff and end up with my lights stuff to the car!

So, could any one recommend a brand or certain type of sealant that you might have used on your cars? 

Many thanks.

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Rather than start a fresh post. I'll add to this one. I too have a leaking boot. It is going to the garage tomorrow for a warranty repair on another item and at the same time, they are going to look at the leak.

I've already had a go at sealing the fittings for the lights (screw holders, foam pad for the light wiring). I've slowed it down a lot but not stopped it. I had to do this prior to the garage taking a look due to the huge amount of water coming in (nearside rear). Mostly due to the torrential rain we have had over the last week. The garage were happy with this as they couldn't fit it in when the leak was noticed.

Whilst I was taking a look, I came across what may be a contributory factor. I'm just wondering if others have come across this. As this is an estate, I wonder if it has different gas struts to the hatchback. The struts fitted actually rub on the lights when they near the top of their extension. It looks as if they are actually pushing the light fittings out slightly. Obviously been doing it for a while as the struts are actually rusting where the rubbing takes place. The struts would only need to raise the tailgate a few inches less to avoid this rubbing all together. Do the estate and hatchback have different length struts?

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